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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Summerhill Pyramid3D Laser Scanning is an extremely fast and and efficient way to obtain 3D Point Cloud Data (millions of digital points) for detailed measurements and documentation. At close to 976 000 measured points per second, our Faro Focus 3D 120 Laser Scanner captures detailed 3D surface information of complex environments in minutes. 
The uses of 3D laser scanning include, but are not limited to: As-built construction conditions, excavation volumes, structural deflection, crime scenes, accident details, schools, office complexes, Nuclear Facilities (WLAN capabilities allow for remote operation where safety precautions are necessary), factories, process plants and more.


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  • Faro Scene 4.8 –  “It is specially designed for viewing, administration and working on, of extensive 3D scan points from high resolution 3-D laser scanners like the Laser Scanner LS. This tool allows the user to manipulate raw 3-D scan points and acquire with analysis functions initial point cloud data comprehension. Through data analysis and manipulation, scan points may be prepared for export into the user‘s CAD system.”
  • Faro Scene LT  – service offered to our clients for viewing, manipulating and analyzing 3D Point Clouds (Raw Scan files).   Measurements, Volumes, Surface areas, and a colour-coded scale can be applied to the Point Cloud for analysis.
  • Pointools View Pro  - Used to animate registered scans, point or distance measurements can be exported in a CVS file and can be included in an Ortho image output. 
  • Leica Cyclone - "provide point cloud users with the widest set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications." 
  • Leica TruView - "This Web-enabled panoramic point cloud viewer lets you view, pan, zoom measure and markup point cloud data over the Web." We also can provide Stand Alone TruViews to clients so as not to limit the viewing to the Web.

3D Laser Scanning of SAG Mill Point Cloud Data of SAG MillPoint Cloud Data of SAG Mill

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